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SWG Legends Is Teasing 'Big Announcements' This Week Ahead Of Next Week's Bespin Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Star Wars Galaxies Legends is getting ready to launch its long awaited content update, Bespin, on May the Fourth, however it doesn't seem to be the only thing the team is currently working on. In a Tweet today, the SWG Legends staff teased that there are some "big announcements" coming this week.

The team is counting down the days till players can visit Cloud City in the player-run Star Wars Galaxies server, and with the countdown it looks like there is more to come as well. On Twitter, the team teased more announcements ahead of May 4th, the day Bespin hits SWG Legends.

"Stay tuned this week for big announcements and new developments leading up to the even bigger day," the SWG Legends staff said on Twitter.

It'll be interesting to see what the emulation team is doing leading up to next week's expansion launch. Bespin aims to bring players to the Cloud City where they will be able to go to iconic locations within the city's depths, as well as see memorable characters from Star Wars, such as Lord Vader and Lando Calrissian, as shown in the trailer.

We'll be on the lookout for the announcements when they are made known. Recently, we speculated on the MMORPG's we wished we had played when they were live, with Star Wars Galaxies being at the top of my list. 


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