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SWG: Legends Is Hosting A Pet Versus Pet Event This Month In The Creature Clash

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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SWG: Legends is hosting their next Beast Master event, called The Creature Clash, this month. This event will feature pet vs pet contests only, seeing BMs go head to head in a single-round elimination tournament to see which Beast Master is best.

The event is detailed on the SWG: Legends forums, with the date for the event set for April 17th at 9am PDT/12 pm EDT. The Creature Clash will see Beast Masters matched up for a single elimination tournament which will see only the pets go at it in the end. Helping the pet using buffs or skills, consumables and more is right out, meaning that the test will be up to how well the pets themselves are trained. 

The Creature Clash will take place on Naboo on the Beaches of Kadaara, and the team are now urging players to grab a seat in the stands of an arena built on the beach to take in the action. Players should start to sign up now in the thread for the event on the forums, as matches will be set up ahead of time. Pets will only be issued medic buffs only, and while player pets can use their own skills, players can't interfere or use their own abilities (even restricting some gear that could influence the fight).

You can check out the forums post for all the rules and requirements for The Creature Clash event taking place on April 17th.  SWG: Legends is a community server for Star Wars Galaxies just recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary with a double XP weekend


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