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SWG Legends Celebrates Its Anniversary With Double XP Weekend

Celebrating 5 Years

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The fan-run Star Wars Galaxies server, SWG Legends, is hosting it's fifth birthday celebration, giving players double XP over this weekend as a thank you for sticking with the rogue server.

SWG Legends is hitting its fifth birthday today, and the team announced that to celebrate they are hosting a Double XP weekend, giving SWG players the ability to jump in and fast track their characters before the weekend is up.

The Double XP event runs from today, February 26th through Monday, the 28th and will bestow upon players double experience for combat, beast, chronicle, crafting and more. 

The team also dropped the news of a new event that takes place in SWG Legends every other year. Called the Days of the Aned-Kla, this new event runs for 16 days, allowing players to complete special daily quests, use a new currency, as well as "come face to face with the Togorian species."

"The Days of the Aned-Kla is a brand new and unique festival celebration that only occurs every other year. When it's underway, you better act fast as this celebration only lasts for 16 days. Once those 16 days have past, the Aned-Kla will depart, along with the activities they've brought with them to Mos Entha. Over the course of this festival, you will come face to face with the Togorian species and learn about this mysterious Aned-Kla by completing daily quests, stocking up a brand new limited time in-game currency you can use to redeem for new items and artifacts from their world. Remember to get in while you can as these visitors wont be here long."

The SWG Legends team isn't just celebrating via in-game, but also hosting a multitude of giveaways and contests over their social media, just in case not all players can meet up in game to participate. Head over to the Legends forums to check out the full anniversary details.


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