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Survive Dangerous and Mysterious Realms in Shared World Survival Crafting Game Nightingale

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Nightingale is the debut game from Inflexion Games and has some heavy hitters behind it. The studio has a team of veterans, including CEO Aaryn Flynn, formerly of BioWare, and he described Nightingale as a "shared world survival crafting game". The game is set in what a press release calls a "Victorian gaslamp fantasy setting" and the story concerns a magical cataclysm and the attempts to make sense of and escape what follows.

Improbable is the partner on Nightingale's development, and is a British tech company responsible for infrastructure that powers virtual worlds. 

Players will be able to traverse portals to various realms affected by and containing dangers and lots of explore. This journey is in the efforts to find the titular Nightingale, which is said to be the last haven for what's left of humanity.

From that setting and goal, it seems clear where the survival comes in, but the co-op and shared world elements are going to be an integral part of the adventure. You are the Realmwalker and it's up to you whether you adventure alone or with a team. The open world will bring you through mysterious realms in the Victorian setting, along with secrets of dark magic and threats of dark Fae creatures.

Your adventure will take you through places like swamps, deserts, and forests, and building and crafting will get you through and let you survive what's out there. Crafting settlements and working with others is at the heart of survival games, so this one will let you determine just how you want to explore and make it in this dangerous world.

The game will be in Early Access on PC in 2022. For more on Nightingale, visit the game's site.


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