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Survival Sandbox MMO Myth of Empires Launches With New Map, Mod Tools, and More

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Myth of Empires, the multiplayer sandbox survival MMO taking place in a feudal world where the threat of war looms, has officially launched on PC via Steam. Explore the world, gather resources and supplies, and craft a society and an army to fit your playstyle. 

Whether you are looking to dominate and be ready to battle and establish your own empire, or are looking for something more on the PvE side, Myth of Empires has a number of features and options to take advantage of. You start as a peasant ready to explore the world, learn how to gather and craft, build your home base, and then even to research and expand. Tame some horses into your mounts or even for horse racing. 

In order to succeed, it depends on whether you want to play on a PVP server or you want to play on a PVE oriented server. For the PVE players, there are server events like simulated fortress and prefecture battles that are designed to give a taste of the cross-server large scale PvP without risk of losing your fortress or stuff.

No matter which you choose, you'll have to build up and reinforce your homeland, create guilds and forge alliances, expand your territory, and recruit and form your own army. Whether that army is going to be a fortified defense, or the start of an imperial force that will take over new territory and vanquish enemies is your call.

The 1.0 launch has two maps, including the Dongzhou map, which is available as free day one DLC. Dongzhou features islets, sea access, shores, ships, and volcanoes, along with new biomes to explore, day-night cycle, NPCs to discover with their own cultures, and more to extend that original sandbox gameplay to difficult and varied terrain.

Angela Game has included robust mod tools, private servers equivalent to official ones, and more. There are hundreds of weapons and gear items with historically accurate designs. The full launch also adds a number of new items, including base defenses, wooden oxen, and new combat equipment like siege wagons, ballistas, and even climbing tools, gliders, and catapults. not only do these add new options, they also add in the use of  the environment and verticality.

There's already some musical instrument DLC and other options available separately, and the team promises that new civilizations will be on the way, with Persian, Greek, and Egyptian maps already in development.

The game is out at a special launch price of $35.99. See more at Myth of Empires.


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