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Survival ARPG Frozen Flame Entering Steam Early Access on November 17th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Early Access via Steam is coming for open-world survival action RPG Frozen Flame on November 17th. This new phase for the game will let players join together to survive in a challenging world.

The world of Arcana is designed to be bright and look like someplace you’d like to explore. No grimdark post-apocalyptic settings here. However, Frozen Flame is still intended to prove it’s a rough world out there, with dangers to discover and prepare for. The team at Dreamside Interactive wanted to capture the feel of a fantasy world with the danger and task of figuring out your path in a survival game. Arcana was once a land governed by dragons and with history and features to discover as you wander through. 

Of course, bright and open doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. Dreamtide and publisher Ravenage highlight this about their game, since this genre can sometimes be filled with very dark environments and precision recipes for success. You will be able to explore and find your own way, potentially by joining up with friends and establishing the protection of an organized community.

This Early Access launch follows closed beta and a successful open beta, including last week’s free for all open beta event that saw over 10,000 players join in on Halloween weekend. Having that many players join in was one of the final hurdles for testing (and likely, server stability) that cleared the way for the confirmation of Early Access this month. 

In our previous closed beta impressions, Kevin found that the game’s vibrant world encourages exploration and discovery. Frozen Flame sets you off on your adventure after bringing you back from the dead since there’s a shortage of currently living fighters. Now that you’re back, it’s time to get your bearings in the world and explore just how to survive everything.

For more, head to Frozen Flame's Steam page.


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