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Survival ARPG Frozen Flame Announces Closed Beta for September 15

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Frozen Flame, the survival ARPG from Dreamside Interactive, is receiving a closed beta multiplayer test on September 15.

The game is set to include new game zones with new mini-bosses and powerful artifacts, in addition to more opportunities to build your own house and expand you clan's fortress. Additionally, the artificial intelligence system will be improved, making opponents even more dangerous, and battles even more exciting. Finally, the team notes that the PVP system will undergo changes to make it more competitive.

Sergey Korolev, CEO of Dreamside Interactive, provided the following statement in the accompanying press release,

“We have moved to a new, important stage for our game. Already, hundreds of players are playing to conquer the game-world and are uniting in guilds, each of which seeks to fulfill their unique task. Looking at how actively the players go through the first stages, I am filled with pride - people are interested, they do not leave, and we have done and are doing something worthwhile and interesting.”


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