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SuperData Says Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Posted Big Numbers in 2020 - But Not Big Enough

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This year's busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday weekend, which encompasses Black Friday and ends with Cyber Monday, posted 3.9 Billion in sales worldwide. Unfortunately, that seems to be a 10% decline in year over year sales according to SuperData.

2020 has been a strange year for many reasons, but over the course of the year, game spending has had some incremental consumer spending increases, which resulted in a 14% year over year gain in October. SuperData points to the rise of subscription type services (that they’ve only just begun to track) as reasons why spending has declined during the biggest game sale weekend of the year.

An interesting takeaway is that one particular subscription service, Xbox Game Pass shows an increase in user numbers of 216% year over year, which is a tremendous gain in the widely popular service that some tout as the best deal in gaming to date.

The outlook is actually not particularly dire, in fact SuperData analyst Carter Rogers states that holiday spending on digital games is actually growing:

Despite the lower numbers on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, spending on digital games is growing significantly this holiday season. Even individuals who might have bought physical games at brick and mortar retailers in a normal year are opting for the convenience and safety of downloading games.

SuperData also mentions how the unmet demand for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S could have also depressed spending, and seeing as how many gamers who attempted to get their hands on one, were often out-purchased by bots or scalpers, the depression for lack of spending digs far deeper than simply digital games spending, as many players still try to obtain their console of choice during the holiday season.


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