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Summer Vacation Decay Timers Shutting Off Soon in Conan Exiles

September 7

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Those Summer Vacation Decay timers in Conan Exiles? Yeah, they’re going to be shut off soon.

Specifically, they’ll be reverted on Monday, September 7,

“On Monday, September 7th we’ll be flipping the switch on all platforms and official servers to return decay timers to their original settings.”

Note here that the changes to these settings will take up to two server restarts to fully take and fully apply on all the game servers. So be warned if the downtime is longer than expected.

In recent news, the team has been aiming to fix several crash issues. Recently, the team fixed the following issues:

  • Fixed a number of client and server crashes.
  • Fixed a number of crashes upon joining a server via friends list.
  • Fixed an exploit regarding god bubbles.
  • Improved protection against network attacks.

The patch also fixed several items related to crafting with respect to recipes provided by thralls. Several UI fixes and text fixes were also implemented in the patch.


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