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Sucker Punch Shows Off 18 Minutes Of Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay

New State of Play Shows Tsushima In Action

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Today, Sony showcased close to 18 minutes of gameplay from Sucker Punch's upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima. The footage highlights exploration, combat and more in the upcoming title coming July 17th.

The gameplay shows viewers the different ways they can explore the island of Tsushima, as well as some of the challenges they might overcome. Visually, Ghost of Tsushima looks stunning, the varied locations all looking distinct and beautifully realized as Jin explored the island. Players can call upon the wind to guide them if they are unsure of where to go, and animals and other visual cues can guide players towards points of interest they may not know about.

The gameplay is narrated by developers from Sucker Punch, showing off the different aspects of Ghost of Tsushima gameplay - with combat taking center stage. The combat itself looks very stylized, right out of an old Samurai movie, with Jin (and the player) reacting to the movements and attacks of enemy Mongols. 

Sucker Punch also showed off Jin the Ghost, stealthily taking down an Mongol encampment from the shadows. It shows the varied playstyles you can pick as you explore the world of Ghost of Tsushima. It's an impressive, detailed look at a title many have been looking forward to ever since its reveal years ago.

The footage also showcased some customization options within Ghost, allowing players to fine-tune the look of Jin. Armor itself also plays right  into your playstyle. You can get different mechanical advantages based on your armor - not just a different look.  Additionally, the title will also include a photo mode, allowing you to create stylized snapshots of your adventure. Ghost of Tsushima will also release with a Japanese voice track with subtitles, and to even get more into the Yojimbo-mood, you can even use a cinema mode that gives you a windy, black-and-white film grain mode to live out your own Samurai movie.

You can watch the full gameplay demo in the YouTube embed below. Ghost of Tsushima hits PlayStation 4 on July 17th.


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