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Stygian Threshold - The Plane Between

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The EverQuest II site has been updated with a new preview of the Stygian Threshold, an area from the upcoming expansion, Terrors of Thalumbra. The Threshold lies in the plane between Underfoot and the realms above. The preview shows off screens of the location as well as information about kobolds who inhabit the area and Zaraxia, matron of spiders.

The power that emanates from the portal is such that it attracts the interest of many, and not all of them may have benign intent. Visitors to the Stygian Threshold will need to deal with a wide variety of powerful creatures who may not appreciate the intrusion of outsiders. Adventurers will find advanced solo, heroic, and entry level raid content here. Tread softly on the doorstep of the gods, and keep your sword in hand.

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