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Studio Wildcard Looks Back at Where ARK's Been in 2020, and Where it's Going in 2021

Studio Wildcard Hopes to DinoSOAR in 2021

Steven Weber Posted:
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2020 is coming to an end, but for Studio Wildcard, ARK: Survival Evolved  is just getting started with a new game, a new animated series and a new ‘President of Creative Convergence’. From ARK Genesis Part 1 to their successful Extra Life Charity Stream, Studio Wildcard has a lot to be proud of.

ARK has released quite a bit of content in 2020, with Genesis 1 which brought story aspects to the game, and the Crystal Isles that originally began as a mod, but transitioned into a free expansion map. A new taming UI was implemented and the team still has Genesis 2 on the way. Probably the most surprising announcement to release this year in regards to ARK is their next game, a sequel to the original game, ARK II. The team touts that this next version of ARK will be a next generation experience, and will release exclusively on Xbox and PC.

The trailer depicts impressive next generation graphics, and a main character, Santiago, who will be played by Vin Diesel, who has also become part of the development team as the ‘President of Creative Convergence’, though we look forward to learning what precisely Diesels role will be apart from his likeness and voice.  Diesel is also working as an executive producer on the Animated Series of ARK, joined by Russel Crowe, and many other high-profile stars.

The team at Studio Wildcard also thanks their community, that has played an instrumental part in getting the game to where it is today. If you’re an ARK fan, you should certainly read the missive and consider hopping into ARK for their Winter Wonderland event before the season is over.


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