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Striker Class Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Plus a level-up event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Pearl Abyss has announced that the Striker class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. Here are the details.

Described as one of the most popular Black Desert classes, Striker combines martial arts and street combat to fight against monsters of all sizes. Their fighting style combines dynamic kicks with forceful hand to hand combat for graceful yet deadly combos.

To celebrate Striker’s arrival, the press release notes that there will be a level-up event (currently underway) where players can earn rewards such as a Tier 2 Pet Chest, Boss Stamp, Ancient Tablet Chest, Shiny Accessory Chest, and Elgriffin’s Defense Gear Chest.

Additionally, the popular Field of Valor mode returns. Field of Valor is a battlefield that can be enjoyed in a co-op party of five Adventurers. Friends or guild members can take part in a 30 minute battle against a variety of monsters. Party members share the rewards afterward, which includes large amounts of silver, black stones, and ancient gold coins.

Finally, look forward to a ‘hot time’ that yields players with 300% extra EXP. This is handy for adventurers who are looking to level up their character classes quickly. ‘Hot time’ is itemized now, meaning that players can activate the hot time buff whenever they want to gain the additional EXP.


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