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Striker and Tamer Coming to Black Desert PS4

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert on PS4 has received the Striker and Tamer class today, as announced by Pearl Abyss.

In a press release, additional details were shared about the two classes. The Striker was trained by a martial-arts master, and became a close-quarters combat expert through countless years of grueling training. Striker is highly skilled in hand-to-hand attacks, utilizing devastating punches and sweeping kicks  to overwhelm his opponents.

Tamer and her loyal divine beast companion Heilang fight side-by-side to defeat their foes. Together they deliver a series of powerful AoE strikes to their opponents while remaining mobile and evading counter-attacks.

A new world boss was also added. Karanda protects her species from foreign invaders by utilizing unparalleled speed and incredible strength. With the aid of her harpies, Karanda plans to invade Delphe Knights Castle. Adventurers brave enough to take on this formidable foe can find the Queen of the Harpies at Karanda Ridge.

Finally, a new skill, Rabam Skills, was added. Upon reaching level 56, adventurers can use this new gameplay feature to combine two skills together into a more powerful ability.


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