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Streamers Don't Seem To Be Welcome On WoW Classic's PvP Servers

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As the days wind down leading up to the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, the PvP community has essentially given a clear warning to anyone thinking of streaming the game: you're not welcome. 

Via the official WoW Classic subreddit (spotted by MassivelyOP), the lockdown on streaming on PvP servers seems to be down to the fact that players are worried about streaming communities driving up the server population or do something dramatic simply to bring attention to themselves in the server. 

A thread offering an addon to the game called "The Blacklist" has popped up on Reddit with the sole goal of essentially griefing streamers into leaving the addon-hosts PVP server. 

From the subreddit: 

"Sometime after our announcement but before the game launches, we will publish The Blacklist, an addon that will make streamers invisible to their own faction and constantly tracked by their opposing faction."

The addon, supported by "at least 4 well-known hardcore Pserver guilds," aims to bar streamers from being able to do anything from joining a group, trade, or even chat in WoW Classic. Originally the addon makers attempted to punish players who didn't install the add on to "[do] their part," but that has since been stricken down. 

Many users on the subreddit have called out the guilds for their pettiness, pointing out as well that the harassment the addon contributes to is very much against Blizzard's Terms of Services. Others are banking on the post simply being an elaborate troll.

You can check out the full Reddit post here. 

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