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Strategic Sandbox Myth of Empires Enters Early Access Today

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 New sandbox Myth of Empires is out in early access today. The game takes place in an area inspired by ancient Asian lore and the player-driven mechanics are aimed at working together to unite the counties or to conquer them. All this while set in a fully developed world where you can craft, build, and make player factions. 

Developer T’ien-Kung Studio  details that both PvE and PvP oriented players will be able to play, with both types of servers represented. In the world, you'll find animals, be able to gather crafting materials, and explore the different varied environments, from snow to desert. There's a weather system, wildlife, and the ability to use everything you find to your advantage. Not only will you need to hunt for supplies, including food, but you may also have to face hostile wandering players too. 

Craft your weapons and structures, including everything from swords and armor to siege weapons like trebuchets and catapults to protect the fortresses you've also built. Groups look to be important as well, since players can form factions and societies within, and siege warfare is always more fun with friends. Should you want to be more focused on the PvE side of things, you can build and also collaborate with other players, as well as tame horses. 

The world looks designed to be beautiful and while it could be full of friendly players deciding to live in harmony, it is more likely to see a mix of those who are exploring and looking for trouble. You’ll be able to grow your army by recruiting NPCs and or by forcing them to fight for you, collect resources, and more. 

Overall, Myth of Empires looks to have something for different kinds of players, and it’s set up for a clash between them for those who want to see who can come out on top. For more, see the early access notes here.


Christina Gonzalez

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