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Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Landmark forum has a new post that should cheer up players mourning the loss of EverQuest Next. A new update is planned that will allow players to create and add characters to claims in order to tell epic stories, participate in adventures, combat or dungeon delving.

You'll start with a basic selection of characters and can collect more as you adventure! They can be found in your Props list under "Characters", and are placed just like a prop. Their icons indicate the type of creature, and its weapon and damage types.

Characters will behave differently depending on their weapon; expect melee fighters to run up close, while ranged weapon users will keep their distance. The UI will also indicate if a character is tougher than normal.

Further, players will be able to name their characters, place them wherever they wish, and when play mode is enabled, friends and participants will be able to see the adventure unfold.

You can read the full update on the Landmark site.


Suzie Ford

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