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Stormhaven Studios Announces Upcoming Weekend Tests - Preorders Now Available

Steven Weber Posted:
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Callooh Callay! Embers Adrift has opened their store once again, allowing new testers into the fray – provided they purchase access at the minimum level as an Alpha Backer. Stormhaven Studios is gearing up for more testing, but the team wants to temper some expectations with an official statement of what players should expect from the upcoming testing phase.

It wasn’t that long ago that Embers Adrift had rebranded their title from Saga of Lucimia with a renewed focus on developing the game for a midyear 2022 release. The team at Stormhaven, spry and rejuvenated after closing their successful private funding round, promised over the past few months that, not only would they reopen their store for preorders again, but they would also increase their testing pace.

Previously, the Embers Adrift testing phase occurred only on Wednesday evenings. In a recent announcement, they detailed the next phase of testing, where players will be able to access the game on the weekends too. This next cycle will mark the end of their Alpha Testing phase. This will be in addition to the Wednesday testing phases. Despite an increase in testing, the game will be hidden behind an NDA, so despite a substantial rise in testing, much of the game will still be shrouded in mystery for those that haven’t shelled out for the Alpha Backer pre-order, which will run you about 50 dollars USD.

The weekend tests are predominantly focused on the new player experience, so testers will have to reconcile with the fact that they will only get to test early zones, early gameplay, server stability, and more, generally related to the initial leveling experience. Players also shouldn’t get attached to their characters too much, as Executive Producer John Gust states that they should expect frequent server wipes at this stage of development.

The servers for Embers Adrift are currently up, starting the weekend of October 15th. If you are interested in learning more about the testing phases and what you can expect as the game moves forward, Stormhaven Studio is urging players to follow their discord, and join them on the forums.


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