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Stormblood Expansion to be Released on June 20th

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Final Fantasy XIV players will be pleased to know that the game's next expansion, Stormblood, will be released on June 20, 2017. Pre-orders for Stormblood will start on January 24th with the Collector's Edition featuring a Syldra mount, a Barts minion from Final Fantasy XV and the Chicken Knight for Red Mages. The announcements came during this weekend's Fanfest currently ongoing in Japan. 

Other pieces of information:

  • Red Mages are ranged magic damage dealers and uses a rapier with a crystal medium
  • Red Mages use White and Black magic
  • Red Mages begin at level 50
  • Nobuo Uematsu will be composing the main Stormblood theme
  • The Bend of Time - Omega, Return to Ivalice are new top end raids
  • diving and swimming will come in Stormblood but will be limited to only certain areas of the game and there is no water combat
  • Anata is a new Beast Tribe that are Snake Women and worship Lakshmi, Lady of Bliss
  • new jobs will be discussed at a later time
  • the level cap will increase to 70
  • the battle system has been reworked
  • the Skill System is being overhauled
  • new areas and primals
  • Stormblood is considered a stand-alone title with an entire game's worth of content
  • new dungeons with new tactics and concepts
  • new Alliance raids
  • inventory expansion
  • a new residential area

Check out the Final Fantasy XIV Reddit for more details.


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