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Stop The Threat of Dragons and Explore With Grappling Hooks in Neverwinter's New Module, Dragonbone Vale

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Neverwinter’s latest module, Dragonbone Vale, is now available for PC. The Cult of the Dragon’s threat continues as Valindra Shadowmantle returns to join them. What results could be undeath to dragons, sealing an even greater danger to Faerûn. If that’s not enough, there is promise of a mix of the new and the old, with those returning enemies but a new faction reputation system, new adventure zone, and more. The new module will also be coming to consoles on February 8th.

Dragonbone Vale is the new Adventure Zone, in addition to being the campaign and the base for all the action in the module. In the zone you'll be able to set out from the encampment of the four allied factions standing up to the threat in the region and work your way through the distinct regions of the area of the Sword Mountains. This zone introduces for the first time, grappling hook mechanics for you to get around the mountain areas, including vertical exploration in the area.

There's also a new faction reputation system. Since you are there with four factions, you can learn to build reputation with each of them, by completing faction quests, including heroic encounters.  Maybe you want to defend some supply lines. You might also gather treasures. There are several ways to earn faction reputation and unlock bonuses and rewards through doing those tasks.

Waiting for the challenge is a new 10-player trial that features Valindra and Palhavorithyn the dracolich all by the dwarven ruins of Keldegonn. This new trial, The Crown of Keldegonn, will unlock on January 18th. The Epic Adventure in this module will take place in Scaleblight Summit, where you’ll have a chance to defeat the Cult and Valindra. This will unlock on PC on February 8th and on consoles on March 8th.

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