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Stop the Cult of the Dragon in Neverwinter's Final Echoes of Prophecy Milestone

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 Neverwinter is marking its third milestone of The Echoes of Prophecy  campaign Battle Pass, which debuts today across platforms. Conclude your journey to stop the Cult of the Dragon and save the day to earn some loot.

The new milestone, Of Dragons and Influence,  is the final update and wraps up the Echoes of Prophecy campaign. If you've been following along so far and collecting your rewards along the way, you'll be ready to take on the cult’s ultimate plans before it's too late. As many such quests go, darkness threatens to spread across Faerûn, and it it’s up to you and your fellow adventurers.

The year end content will lead directly into the next module for Neverwinter that is set to release in January. Those who play through and reach this campaign’s conclusion will have an idea of what awaits Neverwinter in next month’s major new module.

Those who play through the campaign will have until January 10th to finish the final milestone, although premium pass holders can select all the rewards and finish up through April 30th. If you want to bypass any of the milestone content, you can do that with Zen at a rate dependent on how much progress you've made in that milestone. 

Of course, if you're ready, rewards await you, including a Legendary Mount Choice pack and the lion vanity pet. These can be unlocked by logging in throughout the month and completing repeatable quests. You'll be able to earn campaign currency via the storyline quests and random dungeon queues as well as weekly Legacy quests. You can then redeem for rewards in the campaign portion of your journal. If you are the holder of a premium battle pass, you'll also be eligible to earn additional rewards like of the Vanity Barded Neverwintan lion.

 For more on the milestone campaign, you can see the Echoes of Prophecy announcement over at Neverwinter.


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