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Stop An Evil Ghost Bride From Gaining More Power in the Latest Swords of Legends Online Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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You've been looking for a little something different in Swords of Legends Online. maybe the Hungry Ghost Festival is just the thing. Tomorrow's update will start this event, along with quests, rewards, and much more. The update will also bring a new mentoring option, new costume in the shop, and also fixes some pesky bugs.

The Hungry Ghost Festival arrives with strange happenings over in the Rancourwood of Weichuan Highlands. Legends of a bride carried by a number of pale figures, accompanied by red flowers, come to life as these are seen, and then fog comes.

The mysterious bride is, in fact, an evil ghost looking for relics for the Zhongyuan machine. With a game like this, inspired by so many myths and legends, and home to demons and other creatures, a ghost bride may not sound like much of a threat, but she’s seeking power, wanting to control the specters with her now stronger magic. Luckily, the Envoy of the Turquoise Lantern has found a way to keep her in the Rancourwood via a barrier. This is where you come in, of course.

The event kicks off after the update tomorrow and runs through September 8th.  there are five event quests and you can complete one per day. These quests are not repeatable.  During the event, you can collect rewards for completing the quest and adventuring and exploring, like an avatar, a frame for camera mode, and more potential rewards.

The rest of the update features appropriately spooky additions like new costumes in the shop, each coming with an emote. There are also new makeup variations in the appearance category to help you get into the silent and gloomy underworld mood even more.

The update features some practical content as well, including the instance Realm of Destroyed Evil in normal difficulty made available as a mentoring option. There are a couple of bug fixes as well.

You can read the full notes over at Swords of Legends Online.


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