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Still Hopeful for July 4th Beta as Features Reach 'Lock Date'

Catherine Daro Posted:
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June 12th has come and gone with Camelot Unchained devs working hard to get things "locked" in preparation for the beta launch on July 4th. While "many of our core Beta features have landed", there are some things that are "where we want it to be". The team is still hopeful for July 4th as they keep working to get "across the finish line".

Things devs have been working on:

  • internal feature testing
  • tech and art improvements
  • building and plot testing
  • server stress testing
  • progression
  • islands and abilities
  • server support and scalability
  • art production including assets , VFX / SFX, animation
  • Physician's basic cast
  • new props

Read the week's full update on the Camelot Unchained site.


Catherine Daro