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Steelseries Announces First 4-System Lossless Wireless Gaming Headset

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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Steelseries announced an exciting new headset this morning with the Arctis 1 Wireless.  It’s the company’s first headset that’s capable of connecting to four separate platforms all with a single wireless dongle. Using the 2.4GHz band, the dongle allows the headset to receive lossless audio from Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, or Android devices.

The headset also doubles as a normal pair of headphones. Rather than use the retractable mic design found on other Arctis models, the microphone here is completely detachable to keep you stylish on the go. The mic uses the same ClearCast technology as those other headsets, which is well-regarded for its ability to block out ambient noise.

The headset also features a more traditional adjustable headband rather than the ski-goggle suspension system found on previous Arctis models. Under the padding is a sturdy steel band for durability. Each ear cup is also trimmed with breathable AirWeave cushions. It also sports a standard 3.5mm connection in cases where wireless audio may not be possible.

The Arctis 1 Wireless is available now for $99.99 USD/€119.99.


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