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Steel Uprising Hits Blade & Soul on April 22

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Steel Uprising is set to arrive on Blade & Soul on April 22.

The Steelbreaker Raid – Part 1 will comprise of a 12-player raid. It’s recommended for players level 60 – HM 24. Additionally, you must have completed Silversteel – Chapter 5: Steel Trap Quest. As for the raid, you’re tasked with entering the ship, navigating it successfully, and fighting of mechanical enemies and bosses.

Legendary accessories are on hand with Silversteel Earring, Silversteel Ring, and Steelbreaker Soul Shields. PvP legendary accessories are also available such as the Moonrise Bracelet and Vindicator Gloves.

System changes are about as well. Here’s how the team describes them,

“There'll also be system changes, including adjusting the way lower-tier accessories are upgraded, and the costs involved. The goal of these adjustments is to ease the acquisition of older items, as a new tier is being introduced. And, based on your feedback, we’ve taken a look at the Honing Oil system, and will be announcing some significant improvements very soon.”

Finally, Springtime Training and the Awakened Raid events will make their way into the game. The update hits Blade & Soul  on April 22, so stay tuned till then.


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