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Steam's Winter Sale Sees Prices Slashed On Titles Like Elden Ring, FFXIV Endwalker And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Steam's winter sale has dropped and is runnig through January 5th, bringing deals to PC players over the holiday break. Some of this year's biggest games are on sale, as well as quite a few multiplayer and MMO titles as well.

This year's RPG of the Year here at MMORPG (and the Game of the Year winner at The Game Awards), Elden Ring, is on sale on PC, seeing its price slashed by 30%. Other sales include games such as Age of Empires IVCrusader Kings III, sales on the Witcher 3, including an 80% sale on the most recent Complete Edition update, and much more.

On the MMO side of things, The Elder Scrolls Online is under six bucks, while Black Desert is on sale for a whole 99 cents. New World is enjoying a 50% price cut down to $19.99, Fallout 76 is under 10 bucks, and our Indie MMO of the year, Temtem is on sale for $35.99.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is also on sale on Steam, enjoying discounts of 50% on the expansion itself down to $19.99, though the base game is not on sale (though you can buy both for less than the Complete Edition price on Steam right now).

You can check out the Steam Winter sale now and grab some last minute deals before 2022 runs out - either for yourself or maybe for that friend who is looking to get into an MMO, but hasn't pulled the trigger just yet. 


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