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Stay in a German Castle, Mingle With Devs to Mark The Elder Scrolls Online's 10th Anniversary

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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ZeniMax has promised all kinds of in-game and real-world events to mark The Elder Scrolls Online’s 10th anniversary. Following the big panel event in Amsterdam earlier this month comes the announcement of an event this summer in Germany, where you could stay in a real castle.

To mark the anniversary, the team is putting on another edition of ESO Tavern, this time taking place in Germany. The event begins on Saturday, July 13th and runs through Sunday, July 14th. The weekend event will be open to the community, who can gather at the castle to meet up, enjoy activities, meet with members of the ESO dev team, and even take in some live music.

Among the team members set to participate include Creative Director Rich Lambert, Project Lead Kira Ross Schlitt, Lead Encounter Designer Mike Finnigan, and Lead Combat Designer Brian Wheeler.

Since this is an anniversary event and also happening for an entire weekend, there are three ticket packages, including overnight stays. The first package is just a ticket to both event days, the Weald package, which includes a swag bag that includes in-game codes for goodies, all access to activities and  performances, and even a campfire stick and marshmallows and breakfast on Sunday. That runs you €45. For €55, You get everything in the first package, car access to the castle grounds, and the opportunity to bring a tent and stay on the castle grounds overnight.

If you don’t have a tent or are even flying in, there is a third package, which costs €75 and includes all prior goodies, parking, and an overnight stay in one of the castle rooms. 

The team describes the rooms in the castle as similar to youth hostel rooms and there's limited capacity there, even for a castle. The team released all details in the event announcement on how to register interest and how groups might organize themselves to try and vie for a castle room of their own.


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