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Dana Massey Posted:
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Serafina from World Fusion has sent out an email to the Atriarch community updating them on the progress of this MMORPG that has been in development for a number of years. It offers an update on the status of their development, confirmation that it is still going strong and reasons why the road has been so slow.


The roller coaster ride of waiting, of scarce updates, and of deadlines come and gone is probably disheartening.  I wanted to email you personally and give you an update and status of what has been going on with Atriarch.  I truly  think of individuals waiting for Atriarch every single day.  We are gamers too, and because of that can appreciate and respect you for it.  So, here is the infamous good news/bad news Atriarch update:

Good News: Atriarch's Asian publisher re-emerged wanting to help us get Atriarch done faster.  So, they are looking into getting their local talent to help us out with the gazillions of 3D models and artwork we need for the game and maybe some other aspects.  We will be hearing back from them next week.

Bad News:  This one is fairly obvious... although we are making progress, it is taking a very, very long time to get Atriarch done.  In this respect, we are doing all we can given the tiny team and lack of funding.  In the beginning, we said that even if our publishers explode or if things go bad for another reason (both of which happened), we would still follow through with Atriarch.  And that we are!

Good News: Atriarch is and will continue to be.

Bad news: We finally had a decent publisher lined up for North America. Unfortunately, out of nowhere that publisher declared bankruptcy.  Kaboom! It was going to give us funding to significantly speed things up. So much for that.  Good thing we're resilient :-)

Good News: We have taken a break from other World Fusion work to focus on Atriarch full-time.  Our other World Fusion work is what makes the money to pay for continued Atriarch development.  We work on Atriarch and WF contracts in parallel. (This is one of the reasons we are spread so thin.)  However, we are taking a several month break from WF contracting to work on Atriarch full-time.  Not having something else to worry about will really help speed up Atriarch progress on the programming side.

More Good News: I've been doing some local testing on Atriarch (without a server) and it has got a strong foundation for a really fun game.  I still pinch myself sometimes wondering why someone else hasn't done this yet.  Sure, some of it is in other games, but the core, its essense, is still compelling and unique.

I don't think of Cavolon, Eshlar, Tyrusin, Lokai and Unarra as characters. They have become a part of my life as real as my family (don't tell my sister that though... hehe).  I so look forward to bringing Atriana's culture and world to life!

Overall, we are making forward progress.  We have just been spread so thin that things have been falling by the wayside, like website updates and deadlines getting pushed much further out.  With our massive workload, we have had no sense of time whatsoever.  It looks as though that is changine and that we are at the start of some new momentum. 

Warmest wishes,

Thank you to Serafina for taking the time to write this and allowing us to publish her letter.


Dana Massey