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Jon Wood Posted:
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There have been some rather important decisions made recently at Rubies of Eventide ragarding the operation of the games and the server situation. The following information was posted on the game's official forums.


We have been fighting to keep Rubies going as much as possible. There has been some significant progress in the last couple of weeks and we were able to negotiate some changes between the owners, the co-location, and administrators. We are sorry that we were unable to give you details of our progress sooner, but did not want to give you false hope if things had not worked out.

Here are the results of the most recent decisions:

1. Phoenix, FireOpals and Halberd will all remain up.
2. Phoenix and Halberd will have slightly fewer free player slots.
3. Pegasus will remain dead, however; all characters from Pegasus will be moved to Phoenix. This will not happen this weekend as originally planned but will happen within the next few weeks after continued testing. So far the new database looks good and most issues have been minor.
4. The Java code will still be removed from the servers but the timeframe for this has been pushed back. We do not have an estimated time yet.

We want to thank all the players who have continued to stand beside us as we fight to keep Rubies going the best we can. You truly keep the game going.

I also want to personally thank the sages, GMs, and community mangers for standing behind the Rubies administrators and owners during this difficult time. It has been very stressful for all of us and I know all of you have been affected by it. Without the wonderful staff we have I’m certain Rubies wouldn’t exist either.

I’m sure we will have many challenges ahead and we will do our best to make our way through them and continue on. Again, we appreciate everyone’s support.


For more info on The Rubies of Eventide, click here.


Jon Wood