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Stash Players Are Throwing A First Anniversary Party This Weekend

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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On Saturday, September 15th, Stash fans and players are invited to head into the game to celebrate the game's first anniversary. All players logging in starting at 7:00 pm Pacific / 10:00 pm Eastern will be handed an 18-slot pack as a party favor at a randomly chosen time. There will also be additional prizes and a developer AMA. 

From now through September 18th, players can also leverage some pretty sweet boosts as well:

  • +50% to all XP – combat, crafting, gathering, farming, trapping.
  • Huge Party XP Boost – +220/330/440/550/660%
  • +2 resources in every node.
  • Double Shard of Primordium world drop chance.
  • Double Clan Prestige & Random Incense Global Gifts to Clans
  • XP Tick – Earn XP every few minutes just for being online.

Lastly, the new Sidekick / Mentor System has been brought online that allows players to adventure together despite differences in levels.

Check out the full update notes on the Stash site.


Suzie Ford

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