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Starting Tomorrow, Final Fantasy XIV Players Can Take Part in an FFXV Crossover

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When Nocturne for Heroes debuts in Final Fantasy XIV tomorrow, they will be able to take part in an epic FFXIV crossover event with FFXV. The event begins on April 16th and lasts through May 27th and players will have the opportunity to see FFXV protagonist, Noctis, in the game. Perhaps best of all, players can earn the four-passenger Regalia vehicle alongside Noctis's "attire, hairstyle and FFXV themed orchestrion rolls".

In a new blog post on the Lodestone, players are shown just how awesome a thing the Regalia is, in fact. Here are a few things that make this vehicle a one-of-a-kind prize for players:

  • the Regalia is the first 4-player mount in the game
  • players can ride together as party members
  • passengers can choose which of the three seats to occupy - one front, two back
  • sitting poses while in the Regalia are different depending on where a player is located
  • the Regalia is a flying mount and changes when in the air
  • the Regalia can also go underwater

Check out the full post on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.


Suzie Ford

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