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Start Dino-Hunting with Today's Launch of Land Out of Time in RuneScape

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RuneScape players can start dino-hunting thanks to today's release of Land Out of Time. Players can set sail for a new mysterious island that is rife with prehistoric critters where they can hone their Hunter skill. "It all focuses around nine sizeable and quite grumpy dinosaurs who are simply too big and too hungry to confront outright". Taming will be a chore that will require collection of resources and downright "treacherous traps" in order to be successful.

The intention of the developers was to look at some of the more varied mechanics you'd normally see in boss fights and introduce them into non-boss encounters. Slaying these devilish dinos will not only reward you with hulking chunks of XP but also boss drop quality loot. Skinning your catches will allow you to harvest resources used to craft new gear, including level 75 ranged armour - perfect for training Invention - and the maul, which is a hexhunter equivalent for melee.

In addition, players can look forward to "better reasons to level their Agility". With Land Out of Time, players will have the Agility Course that runs through the entire island.

Slayers will find eight new creatures to take on from level 90 to level 114. In addition, plant-based creatures will be making an appearance as well. Interestingly enough, intrepid farmers can also grown their own "Slayer mobs to fight".

Players will find a unique Base Camp that they will be able to maintain and upgrade as they adventure through the new content. It's similar to how ports and farms are upgraded. Players will be able to construct seven different buildings with perks throughout the game world.

You can check out more about Land Out of Time by visiting the RuneScape site.


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