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Starkeepers, A New MMORPG, Blends Sci-Fi And Cosmic Elements With Viking-Inspired Animal Characters

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Announced today at IGN Expo, Starkeepers, a new sci-fi MMO survival  game blend. Developed by Wolfpack Games, Starkeepers features a race of Viking-inspired anthropomorphic animals, like seals and wolves rendered in a blocky low-poly style. 

These animal protagonists are the titular Starkeepers, a group that has been chosen to help protect the world from cosmic eldritch threats. You will get the chance to build a town, and explore the open world, which will feature multiple factions. Additionally, players will have the option to take on trap-filled dungeons, fight other beasts and gods, and cooperate well as have fun with PVP. Players will have to build bases cooperatively if they want to succeed, and create their base's defenses with things like traps or turrets. 

Of course, with an open world and some elements being more of a sandbox nature, your control will be important. Your options will include taking down other people's faces, and even forming a council to declare war.  but you also have the option to play cooperatively, including alliances between clans. 

The game will be a blend of survival, action, MMO, and RPG, it seems, and according to IGN, Wolfpack wants to “fix issues in existing MMOs, and wants to create projects "free from unimaginative questing, free from mindless theatrics passing for 'combat', free from game economy in uncontrolled spirals, and definitely free from disruptive over-commercialization”. The team is based in several countries and features members with experience on games like Warframe and Leyou's canceled Lord of the Rings MMO project.


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