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Starflight 3 - The 'Godfather' of Sci-Fi RPGs Takes to FiG to Bring a Classic Series Back to Life

By Suzie Ford on August 28, 2018 | News | 0

HumaNature is ready to revive a classic series with the announcement that Starflight 3 is taking to FiG to raise $800k to develop the game. The series' original designer and HumaNature founder Greg Johnson is back to develop Starflight 3, the "next chapter in the PC sci-fi single player sandbox RPG". Currently in pre-production, HumaNature is targeting a 2020 release.

The FiG campaign has raised approximately 12% of its goal, sitting at just over $100k. The fundraising campaign is set to end on September 27th.

  • Randy Pitchford, CEO/President, Gearbox Software: “If Starflight didn’t exist, Gearbox wouldn’t exist, that means Borderlands wouldn’t exist.”

  • Ernest Cline, Ready Player One: “Starflight is an all-time favorite of mine. Starflight is still one of the greatest video games ever made.”

  • Chris Taylor, Creator of Dungeon Siege: “As one of the earliest memorable spaces games made on the PC, Starflight is a true classic in the genre, and it’s hard to think about space games without having flashbacks to this pioneering entry in the genre.”

  • Casey Hudson, Director of Mass Effect: “Starflight was a key inspiration for the (Mass Effect) series.”

  • Trip Hawkins, Founder of EA: “Starflight was space-breaking as it pioneered the Sci Fi RPG category. It blended what I love about Asimov’s books and the way Star Trek and other shows leverage the diversity of crews, in a potent story of human courage and epiphanies.”

You can learn more about Starflight 3 on its FiG fundraising site.


Suzie Ford

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