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Starfield Lets You Eat and Adds DLSS Support in Latest Update

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Starfield has some much needed new features in Bethesda’s most recent update: the ability to eat food that you find and support for NVidia DLSS and DLAA. These come with some other fixes, adjustments to stealth, graphical improvements, and more.

Yes, you can finally eat food that you find in the environment. When you find food in game, you'll have the chance to  pick it up, eat it, or even to save it for later. This has been a requested feature, and Bethesda has promised that the updates for Starfield will be a mix of necessary additions, fixes, as well as improvements based on community feedback.

The other highlight and major update of this patch is the introduction of Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support. For those playing on PC using compatible Nvidia graphics cards they can now use DLSS Super Resolution, DLAA  (or Deep learning Anti-Aliasing), DLSS Frame Generation, and Nvidia Reflex Low Latency.  This suite of options should improve performance for those with compatible cards from the get-go as soon as the patch is applied .

Other changes include a number of other performance improvements, cleaning up memory leaks, and additional stability and performance improvements. Two additional performance improvements that should impact higher-end systems and cards more, including some GPU performance optimizations and an improved renderer threading model that improves CPU usage.

There were various Graphics improvements, including visual issues that pertain to the FOV sliders, visual issues that were related to lighting and shadow, and some ambulance occlusion issues on ultrawide resolutions. 

Bethesda fixed a number of issues in this update, including some missing NPCs and those behaving incorrectly. Andreja’s head won’t be permanently clothed anymore, and less awkward, and they also patched instances where NPCs were showing up without clothes. Players didn't even need to mod the game to get that to happen. 

Read the patch notes and more details at Starfield.


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