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Starbase Progress Notes Point to Fleshing Out Cities and Stations

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The Starbase team have shared progress notes, specifically pointing to updates on developments of stations and cities. Here’s what they had to share.

If you’re unfamiliar with Starbase, it was first announced back in 2019 from FrozenByte games and is a voxel-based space MMO. It’s described to include a fully destructible environment and simulation-based play. You can check it out on Early Access here.

The team is quick to point to the difference between progress notes and actual alpha patch notes. Progress notes are closer to an update on progress from the dev team compared to patch notes which are actual content updates pushed to the game.

The big ticket item is progress towards cities and stations. Specifically,

  • The following player made ships have been added to Epic Shipyards ship shop:
    • Namib, B16 Endurance, Redtail, The Bread Box, Hover Tank Prototype
  • Sunny Ship Shop (Beginner ship shop) has been finished, added to Origin stations and filled with the following ships:
    • Momento, Dynastinae Minimus, GK-40 "Belka", Moneymaker, Moneyman, RockHopper, Worker Ant, Nymph, Trident T1, Trident T2, Chalcosoma, Pincer, Laborer, Laborer II, Aura-6, Hauler, Mite, Modulus, Modulus FR, Modulus MN, Bomburr A, Vigo, "Mara" Ore Hauler
  • Added the following player-made ships to Vintage ship shop:
    • Mosquito
    • 16 Red Chains Pulled by the Hands of Friends
    • 19 God Gives the Nuts, But Does Not Crack Them
    • Trident T4 (moved from Rando 3)
    • Linerider (moved from Rando 2)

The rest of the progress update points to features like mining jobs, updates to the user interface, code improvements and optimizations, art, and more. The update to gameplay code specifically is intended to optimize for the storage servers,

  • Storage server optimizations have been worked on
  • Work towards Easy Build Mode for stations continues, welding and unwelding via quickbar placement should now work
  • Auction House sell tab now only suggests price of the earlier item if the currently sold one is of the same type
  • Auction House sell tab will not allow dragging certain containers that are not fully filled to the sell slot anymore
  • Work on Spaceship Registration continues
  • Tripod damage handling has been updated to better fit the design


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