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Star Wars The Old Republic's Galactic Seasons And New Flashpoint Are Now On The Test Server

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The latest update to Star Wars The Old Republic's test server, the upcoming Flashpoint and Galactic Seasons update is now live for the community to test and provide feedback before the full launch.

If you recall, last week Star Wars The Old Republic showed off some of the upcoming Game Update 6.3 - The Dark Descent. Within that update is also the new Galactic Seasons update, bringing the tiered reward system found in many other games to the BioWare MMO. 

Galactic Seasons provides both a free and paid tier to unlock new rewards through gameplay, operating like the battle passes you see in most free-to-play titles. The paid tier works a little differently than other passes, however, as it's available to anyone who has an active subscription instead of it being a separate purchase. Galactic Seasons will run for 5 months affording players plenty of time to unlock the rewards within them.

Also coming with 6.3 is the new Flashpoint, Secrets of the Enclave. This Flashpoint is playable on the PTS right now and sees players explore the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. The SWTOR story is unique based on your allegiance to either the Empire or Republic, and players eager to check it out should note that it's only available in the Veteran  mode on the test server to avoid story spoilers.

You can check out the full details on the PTS update on the Star Wars The Old Republic website, as well as instructions on how to download the PTS in order to get into the testing yourself. SWTOR's Update 6.3 will be available sometime this Spring. Recently we checked out the Pirate Incursion event in SWTOR, and Scott had some thoughts on MMO events in general as a result. 


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