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Star Wars: The Old Republic Wraps Up Legacy of the Sith PTS With a Summary of Changes

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The release of Legacy of the Sith is fast approaching, and the Star Wars: The Old Republic public test server for 7.0 Will be shutting down soon. The PTS opened up in July of last year and slowly rolled out the different changes coming in the major update including Combat Styles, Legendary items, itemization and gearing changes, Loadouts, the new character creation options and UI, and more.

In December, the team announced a list of rewards for testing the final weeks on the PTS, and feedback has been coming in very strong since. Some of the feedback has led to recent changes in hotbar ability assignments in Loadouts, special gear drops for solo players to help make the gearing changes less disadvantageous, clarifying and changing repeatable missions, and re-balancing some of the cost of PVP gearing under the new system.

Feedback about gearing changes has been some of the loudest recently, and some are definitely not going into Legacy of the Sith content, but the team does promise to keep going on monitoring and reviewing the feedback for key features in the update after it releases. The list they mentioned in the PTS wrap up include flashpoint balance, itemization, player experience using the new Combat Styles and Loadouts in all different aspects and features of the game, and of course, gearing.

While some will no doubt not be satisfied by this wrap up and might not have as much faith in changes that might come to gearing if they feel that feedback has already muddled it a bit, most may be waiting for the new expansion to finally get a chance to really try out all the options. We are headed into February, and soon there will be a chance for the greater player base to try out 7.0 for themselves.

For the full wrap up, you can read it over at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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