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Star Wars: The Old Republic Will Open PTS for Update 7.2.1 With New Galactic and PvP Seasons, 64-Bit Client

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Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon be opening Update 7.2.1 for testing on the Public Test Server. The PTS build will expand testing of the 64-bit client when it launches, as well as the beginning of Galactic Season 4, PVP Season 2, and more. 

Like a number of other titles, SWTOR is modernizing with the launch of a 64-bit client. Various MMOs have made changes, including a mandatory move to 64-bit clients, rollouts of mandatory moves to updated versions of DirectX, and sometimes the deprecation of old clients and platforms. Since Star Wars: The Old Republic came out over a decade ago,  it was built on and to support older systems, so providing more development resources to work with is only going to set things up for the future.

Galactic Season 4, A Passage of Peace, will arrive when the patch goes live,  and you can test it on the pts when that build is available. There will be a number of new rewards and a new companion, Amity. One of the rewards has been revealed–the Mek-sha Hideout Stronghold. It is a new apartment stronghold that you can expect to be “similar in size and scale to the seasonal Fleet Strongholds”.

PvP Season 1, of the post-revamp era, will continue through the end of February. Season 2 is coming in the PTS update, and will feature new rewards, set to be revealed in the coming weeks. There are some changes to expect to both the Attacker and Defender medals that will get continued testing.

After community feedback,  the team will take some steps to course correct for credit inflation going on in the game. The first steps will be in the test build. Part of what we can expect are some changes to credit costs and other ways to address the economic inflation. 

The team is also offering a special reward for those who log on and help them test Warzone matches, the Opal Vulptilla Mount. 

Find out all of the details on how to test and what to expect over at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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