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Star Wars: The Old Republic to Update F2P & Preferred Versions Tomorrow

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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On Tuesday, July 16th, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be updated to bring sweeping changes to both the free-to-play and preferred experiences.

Players will find a number of new features including an increased credit cap. Prior to tomorrow's patch, F2P players could amass 200,000 credits, while preferred players could collect 350,000. After the update, players can collect credits up to the new caps of 1,000,000 for both versions.

In addition, players will enjoy an additional quickbar. Currently, F2P players can have two active quickbars, while preferred players can have four. Tomorrow, they will have 3 and 5 available to them respectively.

Lastly, all players will be able to utilize both Quick Travel and Medical Probes regardless of payment level. Previously, only subscribers had these abilities available while F2P and preferred members had to purchase consumable versions from the Cartel Market. Those items are being removed and all players will have both available at all times.

Read the details on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.


Suzie Ford

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