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Star Wars: The Old Republic to Get Some 'Under the Hood' Technical Tuning

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to be getting some "under the hood" tuning that will bring some big changes to the game. Dynamic Placeable Objects will be overhauled as the team looks to the future for new content. The unnecessarily complicated web of DYNs makes it necessary to change up the system a bit. They will be refined, polished and optimized to make creating DYN packages much quicker yielding faster development of new content.

What does this mean going forward?

In general, the system is highly expandable, which opens the doors for our team to create and implement a lot of things that were previously impossible. Something the community has requested for a long time are interactable Stronghold decorations. Imagine your whole Guild meeting up and leaning across the bar, sharing drinks after the latest successful run. While this idea is not a guarantee, it should help paint the picture for things that we can do that never used to be possible!

The blog has some nifty examples and more technical information, so head on over to the Star Wars: The Old Republic site to check it out.


Suzie Ford

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