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Star Wars: The Old Republic Teases The Dantooine Incursion

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The Star Wars: The Old Republic team has posted a teaser for a new in-game event called The Dantooine Incursion. This new event will join other recurring events "such as Rakghoul Resurgence and Relics of the Gree". The action takes place on the distant planet of Dantooine where the Republic is looking to gain a foothold due to its proximity to Sith Empire space.

Unable to breach the Republic lines and attack the planet directly, the agents of the Empire have recruited the brutal Nova Blade pirates to attack Dantooine from within the Republic's own territory, catching the planet's defenders completely off guard with the overwhelming violence of their attack.

In the ensuing chaos, elite Imperial forces have infiltrated Dantooine and established a hidden base on the planet's surface, aiming to cripple the Republic's efforts with a series of surgical strikes. The Nova Blades lash out at anyone and everyone they can find; despite originally being hired by the Empire, this brutal pirate armada cares only for the plunder they can claim. Staggered by the pirates' ruthlessness and the Empire's cunning, the Republic's harried defenders put out a call for assistance from anyone who can help them hold Dantooine against the enemy's deadly incursions...

BioWare is promising additional information about v5.10.3 "The Dantooine Incursion" later thi smonth.

Check it out on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.


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