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Star Wars: The Old Republic Showcases Marauder and Sentinel Changes Coming With Onslaught

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As Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming expansion, Onslaught, is fast approaching. The team behind the Star Wars MMO have in recent weeks detailed the changes coming to each class with Onslaught. This week it's the Marauder and Sentinel classes.

Starting with the Marauder, the new class ability converts all of the Marauder's Furious Power ability charges "into stacks that buff your next attack by 25%. Each attack consumes one stack. Furious Power has 4 ability charges and regains 1 charge every 30 seconds." Additionally, like every class in Onslaught , the Marauder will have a new set bonuses and tactical items to augment the class, such as the new Tome of Unyielding Blades tactical for a Carnage Marauder. 

“Agile and swift, the Carnage Marauder wins the day by way of sheer volume. As a devastating flurry of dual lightsaber strikes and Force attacks overwhelm their foe, each successful blow can serve to embolden the Carnage Marauder in their assault, making them all the more deadly.”

Our steadfast Carnage Marauder wants to queue in Group Finder for some Flashpoints, but they don’t have all day. Get in, kill bosses, repeat as fast as they can--that’s the goal. With this in mind, our Carnage Marauder picks out a Set Bonus and Tactical combination that adds a lot of snowballing potential to their damage.

The Sentinel's  new ability, Force Clarity, also performs similarly to the Marauder's new class ability, in that it buffs your next attack by 25% based on how many ability charge stacks you have at your disposal. The new set bonuses and tacticals help augment your Sentinel. 

The Watchman Sentinel's tactical ability, Thirsty Blade, will cause Blade Barrage to  deal "5% more damage for each burn stacked on the target, up to 25%." Alternatively, a a Concentration Sentinel's  ability, Perseverance, means when Sentinels use Zealous leave with Force Clarity, it'll score them a critical hit. 

You can check out the full details on the Star Wars: The Old Republic websiteOnslaught is slated to hit on October 22nd, meaning it's only a matter of days before players can get their hands on these new changes and check them out for themselves.


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