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Star Wars: The Old Republic on Familiar Faces in Jedi Under Siege

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The STar Wars: The Old Republic site has a new mini-interview with Creative Director Charles Boyd where he speaks about the inclusion of some pretty familiar faces in Jedi Under Siege which launched in December. He speaks about the such well-known characters as Darth Malgus, Master Gnost-Dural. He also speaks about new characters, what the team was most excited for players to find in the update and how Ossus is something different from all the other planets.

What were some things you wanted to do differently with Ossus compared to previous planets?

It had been a while since we featured a big, wide-open planet where you can just wander around and explore freely, so I wanted to be sure we hit that note. I also wanted to be sure we had a strong difference in feel between the Republic and Imperial storylines, with very different motivations involved for each side. We were also able to get some dynamic weather effects on Ossus, something that’s totally new for SWTOR – I’m looking forward to expanding on that more on future planets.

Read the full interview on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.


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