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 Star Wars the Old Republic - New Game Update 6.1.3 Has Released

A Short Time Ago, On a Local Patch Server

Steven Weber Posted:
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BioWare has released a new update for SWTOR, 6.1.3, which has a number of new rewards, including some ranked PvP sets, some steam achievements, and a double XP event. The double XP event will be available until October 13th, and give players double the xp, valor and renown.

In addition to the PvP season 6 and 8 “replica” weapon sets, players can also earn a season 6 Predacious Wrangler Mount. These replica sets are new rewards that can be purchased on the Giradda the Hutt vendor. Rewards have also been increased for Uprisings, and should now be comparable to Flashpoint rewards. A long list of changes and fixes have also hit the game, with some minor balancing for Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior classes.

Other notable changes have to do with self-healing defensive cooldowns, which will no longer generate threat, and some fixes that would allow players to circumvent the deserter penalty in Warzones. Check out the full patch list for more information. You can also join in on the Rakghoul Resurgence that runs until the 15th. To read up more on what’s going on in SWTOR check out Falko’s recent column.


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