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Star Wars: The Old Republic Marks 11th Anniversary Opens 64-Bit Version on PTS

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Star Wars: The Old Republic is marking its 11th anniversary,  with a double XP event and additional sales. BioWare has also opened the 64-bit version of the game to the PTS as part of forward-looking modernization plans.

After the 10th anniversary was marked with a year-long ongoing event, this year Is a little more usual. The 11th anniversary pictures of double XP event that will run through December 27th, along with several special sales. The team is also offering the Coruscant and Kaas City Strongholds for 11 credits, when they're usually 5000.  

The heart of the anniversary devblog is a look back and a look forward from Keith Kanneg and the SWTOR team on the past 11 years, as well as 2022. Since the beginning of the year, when the Legacy of the Sith expansion was released after some delays, it has been a year of changes. Some of these other changes now include, since 7.2 is out, a new planet, PVP changes, including the reward track, and more to come. Some of the changes over the past year have been controversial, specifically having to do with gearing, and the community wasn’t hesitant to offer feedback.

As part of the look forward, they talk about modernization, and these options include everything from the recent forum updates and the launcher, as well as the 64-bit version of the game. The 64-bit version is now open on the PTS for those interested in testing it.  

When Star Wars: The Old Republic released in 32-bit 11 years ago, 32-bit PCs were common. Now, SWTOR is moving towards a similar modernization as some other older games like EverQuest II.  Moving to 64-bit will allow the developers to move past some of the  limitations that having a more outdated base creates.

More on their modernization and content plans will be coming in the new year.

Read the full anniversary devblog at Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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