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Star Wars: The Old Republic Legacy of the Sith PTS Adds Loadouts and Character Creation

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With Legacy of the Sith’s delay to (the very packed month of) February 2022, there’s a new update for the Star Wars: The Old Republic PTS. The PTS gets Loadouts and Character Creation in this new update to test, and both should be helpful additions to shape character experiences.

There’s so much change coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, a game also marking its 10th anniversary this year. While some might just plan an event or two, the occasion of Legacy of the Sith and the accompanying massive 7.0 update look to make some major changes to improve the experience, make it feel more like Star Wars, while meeting expectations for what these classes and styles should feel like. It has been a pretty massive undertaking and now players can test out the new character customization, which features an overhauled UI, new lighting, new options, base class now Origin Stories, and more.

Existing PTS Content including all of the Combat Styles, with the most recent Commando, Shadow, and Gunslinger added. Today’s update brings the complement to Combat Styles, loadouts. Loadouts let you switch your playstyle and gear quickly, letting you have more flexibility in combat. You'll be able to test out making your presets with this update.

Giving the developers more time to work on the overhauls in the expansion and its accompanying update means more testing will open for necessary feedback and should lead to a more polished update. When you’re making this many changes to look towards the future of a 10 year old game, taking time is a good idea and getting as much feedback as possible.

Also currently on the PTS are level 80 game scaling, the new Legendary items system, the Elom Flashpoint in Veteran Mode. 

For more on the new PTS update, see the announcement here on SWTOR


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