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Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Getting New Galactic Seasons...Which Is Basically A Battle Pass

Free and Subscriber Tier To Unlock

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It looks like BioWare is getting in on the battle pass action, by adding a system to their MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The system, called Galactic Seasons, effectively operates much like battle passes in other games, with two tiers for players to potentially unlock while they play.

The SWTOR team detailed the new system in a blog post and Twitch stream, stating that the new system will last for about 5 months, giving players plenty of time to unlock all the rewards inside. Players will be able to unlock two different tracks of the season, one for every player, regardless of their subscription status, and another specifically for those who have an active subscription to the MMO. 

Per the blog post of the announcement:

"Players may progress through two Reward Tracks: one which is free and available for all players, regardless of their Subscription status, and a bonus Reward Track for Subscribers. So long as they maintain their Subscription status, Subscribers will be able to earn the rewards from both Reward Tracks as they progress through the Galactic Season. While Free-to-Play and Preferred accounts will initially only have access to the Free Reward Track, if they subscribe, they will unlock all Subscriber rewards they are eligible for. For example, if a Free-to-Play account subscribes after reaching Reward Level 50 in Galactic Seasons, they can immediately get all Subscriber rewards from levels 1 through 50. Conversely, if the player unsubscribes at Reward Level 90 and proceeds to reach Reward Level 100, they would need to resubscribe to receive the Subscriber Reward Track rewards for Levels 91 through 100. In addition to the bonus rewards, Subscribers also earn bonus Galactic Season Points, allowing them to progress at a slightly faster rate than Free-to-Play or Preferred accounts."

So yea, it's a battle pass. Effectively if you unlock tracks as a free to play player then decide you want to sub, you'll get all the rewards from the subscriber level of the Galactic Season rewards system.

BioWare also announced the next content update, 6.3: The Dark Descent on a livestream today, showcasing the next Flashpoint, Secrets of the Enclave. According to BioWare, players will be journeying to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

You can check out the stream in the embed below for more details on the upcoming content update, which includes an interview with the voice actor for Aryn Leneer, who travels with players during the Repulic track of the upcoming Flashpoint. 


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