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Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets a Guide to Weapon Customization and Legacy of the Sith Music Arrives to Stream

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Star Wars: The Old Republic recently added weapons into the Outfitter and this is the latest update to the outfit designer feature first added back in update 3.2: Rise of the Emperor. The newest update letting you add weapons to your saved outfits add another element to your potential for customizing your characters to fit your personal style or even add a touch of role-playing to your game sessions.

There's a new guide to what this means for character customization and your options. But if you are familiar with using armor in Outfitter, then you should get an idea of what weapons will be like. You'll be able to equip one weapon in the gear window, which will show you stats that apply to your character and also let you stamp the appearance of a different weapon of the same type via the outfit or window. So if you have a particular lightsaber you use, but you think a different lightsaber just looks better, you be able to have the stats that most benefit you while you apply the appearance of the one you prefer. 

You will be able to save up to 16 outfits in the Outfitter that you can switch between them anytime you want. This now includes weapons after armors entered the option table. In the character sheet, you'll be able to select an outfit and then dropping whatever weapons you want to use in the weapon slots for that outfit. once you're done, you'll be able to use that switch whenever you want. Of course weapons are limited to weapons of the same type, so you can't make a lightsaber look like a blaster.

The SWTOR team has also begun releasing music tracks from the Legacy of the Sith expansion to YouTube, with several now available and more to come. The expansion’s main theme is available, and today, “The Padawan” has been added to stream. 

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