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Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Updates Pushed Back Due to COVID-19

Update 6.1.1 and Update 6.2

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a few SWTOR updates will see their release dates pushed back.

The news arrives in a community post from Creative Director Charles Boyd who begins by citing the challenges introduced due to the pandemic,

“As Keith alluded to a few weeks back, EA, Bioware, and the SWTOR team have shifted to working entirely from home to ensure the ongoing safety of our team members. Like us, the voiceover studios where we record dialogue around the world are also eager to ensure the health and safety of their staff and actors, and have postponed all in-studio recording activities. As y'all know, our cast is pretty huge; some actors do have in-home recording capability, but unfortunately, many others understandably do not.”

As such, Update 6.1.1. is now delayed a week for Tuesday, April 21. 6.1.1 is set to introduce improvements to Conquests, class balance, end-game item adjustments, and QoL. Meanwhile, Update 6.2, which is currently set to release in June, is now renamed Update 6.1.2,

“Update 6.1.2 will introduce a unique new in-game event that will join the weekly rotating schedule alongside Dantooine, Gree, etc. The event will be themed around the ultimate Swoop biker rally spread across multiple planets in the SWTOR galaxy. We'll share more info about the insane obstacle courses these daredevil riders are setting up very soon.”


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